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Products & Services

We will do our very best to exceed your level of expectation.  The services we provide include: Quarterly Performance Reports, Comprehensive Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning Strategies, and Quarterly or Semi-Annual Client Reviews.  We will provide the level of service required and desired by each client in order to achieve a successful long term result. 

Financial Planning

Whether you are working, approaching retirement or are already retired, we would love to sit down and talk with you.  We have a passion not only for your financial well being, but also for developing a good client-advisor relationship.  This relationship is the key to providing excellent results. 


Building a successful portfolio begins with defining investment objectives and risk tolerance.  Our approach is to guide our clients to the proper portfolio asset allocation that is commensurate with their risk profile. A periodic review of both client investment philosophy and investment performance is critical in long term successful investing experience.  


We can help you get your financial life in order. We start by helping you organize your income and expenses to help you find a way to support the work-play balance you want in life.  We make sure to talk about priorities, emergency savings, and provide resources to help people take control of their situations.


After we address your current financial situation, we can discuss the necessity of covering you and your loved ones in the event of unexpected disability, loss of income, or death. A life insurance policy can help ensure that none of these events could cause a financial hardship.